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Menichini Jewellers, founded in 1865 by old master goldsmiths, is a landmark for residents of the capital and visitors who love Italian style. They are known for  crafting luxury jewellery with care and producing exceptional quality and uniquely designed goldsmithery.

The origins of Menichini jewellers date back to 1850, when Raffaele Menichini da Chieti, the last descendent from a family of goldsmiths, moved to Rome. 
Years later, Raffaele's son, Giacomo, continued the family tradition alongside his brother Nicola. Nicola's son, Ettore, followed in their footsteps and dedicated himself to studying traditional goldsmith practices and specialising in setting precious stones in Paris...


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A reference for prestigious jewels and high jewelery creations in the suggestive location of Piazza di Spagna, in the heart of Rome