La storia della gioielleria Menichini

The History

The history of
Menichini Jewellers

Menichini Jewellers, founded in 1865 by old master goldsmiths, is a landmark for residents of the capital and visitors who love Italian style. They are known for  crafting luxury jewellery with care and producing exceptional quality and uniquely designed goldsmithery.

The origins of Menichini jewellers date back to 1850, when Raffaele Menichini da Chieti, the last descendent from a family of goldsmiths, moved to Rome. 
Years later, Raffaele's son, Giacomo, continued the family tradition alongside his brother Nicola. Nicola's son, Ettore, followed in their footsteps and dedicated himself to studying traditional goldsmith practices and specialising in setting precious stones in Paris.

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Ettore showed great initiative when he transformed part of the workshop into a retail space. He continued to go back to Paris to make contact with some of the most influential figures in the French goldsmith world, returning to Rome brimming with new ideas.

Ettore bought jewellery, worked with pearls, cut old diamonds and made use of his technical knowledge of precious stones, selling jewellery to the luxury French, Swiss, German and English markets. Dedicated to his craft with ever-increasing passion, he left the work of selling to the public to his colleagues.

In the meantime, Ettore became one of the most renowned precious stones experts and shared the honour of being registered for foreign trade in the Paris Chamber of Commerce with only two other jewellers from Rome. The family tradition continued with Ettore's two sons, Mario and Renato, who started their careers working for their father before opening their own jewellers in Piazza di Spagna.

Menichini is a luxury jewellers, stocking some of the most prestigious international watch brands (Zenith, Piaget, Baume & Mercier, Breitling, Montblanc to name but a few) and jewellery (Chopard, Chaumet and more). It produces its own range of goldsmithery and exclusive jewels, providing customers with a completely professional atmosphere and luxury jewellery to treasure forever. 

Respecting the traditions of a company that embodies Italian goldsmith values and craftsmanship, Ettore Menichini and his sons Renato and Riccardo embody the intersect between two passions: beauty and precious art, both of which are found in the windows of the jewellers on Piazza di Spagna.

Renato and Riccardo, despite their time spent studying Economic Law at university, have a strong passion for the art of goldsmithery and dedicated themselves full-time to the family's trade, keeping involved in its evolution and the changes in luxury market in the 90s and 2000s.

Today, the headquarters in Piazza di Spagna have doubled the sales space by restoring the interior in a distinguishing classic, welcoming style, and creating a new shop window on Via del Babuino that provides room for displays of jewellery and watches.

A shocking case that inspired the film Ladro lui, ladra lei starring Alberto Sordi.

It was a memorable story that made it to the front pages of newspapers on 6th March 1930. The story was so audacious that, years later, it inspired Luigi Zampa's film Ladro lui, ladra lei starring Alberto Sordi and Sylva Koscina.

So, at 10am on 6th March 1930, three fake policemen came to Via Principe Amedeo 26, the location of Ettore Menichini's jewellers. Armed with a fake warrant to search for stolen goods, the men brusquely searched the shop and seized a lot of valuable jewellery under the stunned gaze of the owner.

After the looting, the three fake officers staged an arrest of the jeweller and sent him to Regina Coeli prison. Ettore Menichini ended up in a cell while the thieves vanished with a booty worth two million lire. It took some time before anybody realised this had all been a diabolical scam. The thieves were not found until several days later, and only some of the stolen goods were recovered. In 1932, they were sentenced to 30, 18 and 14 years in prison.

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A landmark for prestigious jewellery and the finest goldsmithery in the evocative setting of Piazza di Spagna, in the heart of Rome.